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Audiences and Speaking Topics

Middle Schools/High Schools

Most all of my speeches involve telling the story of my injury.  Longer speeches will get almost the entire story and shorter speeches will get the most important facts.  My story is the main body of the speeches, but each speech has different points and goals.  I can do speeches anywhere from 5-60 minutes.  Q&A is involved in 30-60 minute speeches.  I want to speak to anyone that would like to hear my story.  I truly believe I have changed lives and that is what drives me to continue doing what I am doing.  I am so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity.


"These Scars Gave Me The Confidence I Needed"

Anti-Bullying w/Sweethearts & Heroes



A message of HOPE through overcoming adversity.  HOPE to me stands for, Hold On Possibilities Exist.  There is not a person in this world tnat can survive without hope.  Especially these kids in Middle and High School where so many things in their lives are changing and they are trying to create an identity for themselves. I provide that hope to those that need it, but even more important I empower the students with the abilty to give hope to their classmates. 

Turning a negative into a positive.  We have all dealt with some pretty awful things in our lives.  One of the problems is that we concentrate on the negative circumstances of our situations.  I will show your team how to find that positive in almost any situation through my story.  I will talk about the importance in building relationships with others in the workplace as I believe that is the key to success in the workplace.

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